UNITED KINGDOM  (England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland)

Population: 65.000,000            United Kingdom Time   

      2017 in London                     
      2015 in United Kingdom          

             US$1 = GBP 0.77  British Pound           GBP 1  British Pound  =  US$ 1.30


2017 in London 


David meets Superman, Captain America, and Batman in London

The Ecuador Embassy in London --- where Julian Assange, WikiLeaks was granted asylum August 2012 --- is directly across the street from Harrod's 

Donald Trump is even more of a crazy lunatic than this London lunatic in front of Harrod's

Hitler's eagle seized in Berlin on May 2,1945 off the top of the Nazi Reich Chancellery -- after Hitler committed suicide in his underground bunker -- now at the Imperial War Museum


Egyptian mummies more than 3000 years old -- now at the British Museum


Buckingham Palace

London's Grenfell Tower -- on June 14, 2017 -- more than 80 people burned to death



2015 in United Kingdom 





Loch Lomond, Scotland


St. Andrews, Scotland


Dornoch, Scotland


Glasgow, Scotland


Stirling, Scotland


Newcastle, England


Alnwick Castle, England -- where Harry Potter was filmed


Hadrian's Wall



Oxford University, England


  Cambridge University, England


Stratford-Upon-Avon, England -- (William Shakespeare)


Liverpool, England


Leicester, England -- (King Richard III)


Bath, England


Salisbury, England  --  (Stonehenge and Magna Carta)


King Arthur's Round Table (Winchester)


Portsmouth, England


Brighton, England


Belfast, Northern Ireland



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